Kids safe headphone with volume limiter - ahiru no pekkle | Sparrow kids

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3 - 15 years


Ergonomic construction, On-Ear wearing style

Advanced volume control technology limits the sensitivity at maximum 85dB for kids’ hearing safe

Safe mechanism designed for kids

Convertible style for handy outdoor use

Volume control case in the line reduces Headphones weight for improved wearing comfort

Headband cushion with lovely pattern concealed the convertible joint for enhanced safety

Soft and sweat proof ear cushions suitable for kids’ ears

Choice of Sanrio characters and Thomas & Friends

For ages 3 or above


890 ฿


1870001-Ahiru No Pekkle

Versions  :  Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Pompompurin, Cinnamoroll, Pochacco, Bad Badtz-Maru, Ahirunopekkle, Thomas & Friends
Driver type  :  27mm dia., dynamic
Impedance  :  32ohms
Sensitivity  :  85dB
Cable length  : 1.0M
Connector  : 3.5mm
Weight  : 90g
Size  : 14.8 x 5.4 x 13.6 cm.
Sweat proof  : Yes

Name : Kids Safe Headphone with Volume Limiter - Ahiru No Pekkle

Brand : Sparrow Kids

Hearing is priceless. You know this, but your children may not. Sparrow Kids would like to remind you that more than 90 minutes of headphones use per day may lead to long-term hearing consequences, even for adults. For children who are still developing, the effects are much more profound, especially if they listen at max volume. Why a Volume Limiter? Each audio device, whether it be a Smartphone, Tablet or a Game Console, produces a different level of sound volume. In other words, some devices are louder than others. Sparrow Kids’ Headphones limits the maximum sound volume to a level high enough to be enjoyed on Hong Kong’s busy streets, but safe enough to protect kids’ hearing. Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets, MP3 Players, Game Consoles, and many more, Sparrow Kids’ Headphones can protect the little ones’ hearing even when used continuously, and across multiple devices. With the headphones’ rich sound quality, kids will be able to enjoy their favorite songs, video games, and TV shows without generating background noise, all the while developing the habit of listening to music at a safe volume, a virtue that will continue to protect their hearing as they grow up. We understand well enough that kids won’t just accept so-so gifts. Sparrow Kids’ Headphones is made with high quality speakers used in adults’ headphones. When designing our headphones, we make sure that it fits comfortably on a child’s head, is sturdy enough to withstand kids’ wear-and-tear, can be easily operated even without parents’ help, and, of course, limits the sound volume to protect children’s hearing. Starring your kids’ favorite Sanrio characters and every feature they would need, Sparrow Kids’ Headphones offer the best audio experience for the young ones, and make excellent presents for your active children.

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