Micro rocket scooter - green | Micro scooter

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7 - 12 years


The Micro Rocket scooter is designed for ultimate in stability and handling in a 2-wheeler scooter as it comes with extra wide wheels. The fat wheels and the wider deck provide extra grip and stability for those riders who like to push the limit and rocket around in style ! VIDEO


7,500 ฿




With a maximum capacity of 100 kg, adjustable handlebars that extend an additional 30 cm from the lowest setting, the scooter can accommodate almost any sized rider and a kickstand.

Swiss-designed Micro scooters are award-winning scooters suitable for kids aged 2 and up. Micro Scooters have earned international acclaim for their safety, design and durability, and have become the “toy of choice” for many families all over the world.

Name : Micro Rocket Scooter - Green

Brand : micro scooter

Developed with the help of medical experts, the Swiss-designed Mini & Maxi scooters are lightweight, practical, safe and easy to ride. The "lean and steer" mechanism of the scooters help children to develop their balance and co-ordination skills. Unrivaled for their high quality, safety and durability, Micro scooters have become a world-wide phenomenon enjoyed by kids and parents alike.

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