Micro mini scooter | Micro scooter

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3 - 6 years


The Mini Micro's innovative design has all the features needed for young beginners whose parents put safety first.The scooter helps to develop their balance and co-ordination skills. VIDEO



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The Mini Micro is extremely easy to use, and you will be full of pride seeing your child zooming around like a pro in no time! 

Swiss-designed Micro scooters are award-winning scooters suitable for kids aged 2 and up. Micro Scooters have earned international acclaim for their safety, design and durability, and have become the “toy of choice” for many families all over the world.

Name : Micro Mini Scooter

Brand : micro scooter

Developed with the help of medical experts, the Swiss-designed Mini & Maxi scooters are lightweight, practical, safe and easy to ride. The "lean and steer" mechanism of the scooters help children to develop their balance and co-ordination skills. Unrivaled for their high quality, safety and durability, Micro scooters have become a world-wide phenomenon enjoyed by kids and parents alike.

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