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2 - 6 years


Can it really be true? A Mini Micro Deluxe with endless LED wheels to ‘Light-up Every Day’ journeys.

Its innovative design has all the features needed for young beginners whose parents put safety first. In addition to the award-winning qualities of a classic Mini Micro the Deluxe version features:

An adjustable handlebar height meaning the scooter will grow with your child as well as being suitable for children aged from 2

The unique deck of the scooter has a raised silicone Micro grip

The anodized stem not only protects your scooter from corrosion but provides a stylish look.   VIDEO



4,300 ฿




Mini Micro Deluxe LED - The ultimate preschoolers’ scooter has rolled in with LED wheels which light up when you scoot. These motion-powered LED wheels generate light through dynamo mechanics.  Which means there is no need to worry about replacing batteries or the lights going out. An exciting addition to the Mini Micro Deluxe you already know and love.

​Suitable for ages 2 - 6

Suitable for children 80 -110 cm

Suitable for children up to 35kg


​• Age Range: 2 - 6

• Max Load: 35kg

• Weight: 1.9kg

• Wheel Size: 120/80mm

• Handlebar Height: 43-68cm

• Deck Width: 11cm

• Deck Length: 27cm

• Ground Clearance: 3cm

Name : Micro Mini Deluxe LED wheels

Brand : micro scooter

Developed with the help of medical experts, the Swiss-designed Mini & Maxi scooters are lightweight, practical, safe and easy to ride. The "lean and steer" mechanism of the scooters help children to develop their balance and co-ordination skills. Unrivaled for their high quality, safety and durability, Micro scooters have become a world-wide phenomenon enjoyed by kids and parents alike.

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