Scoot and ride highwaykick 1 scooter - steel | Scoot and ride

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1 - 5 years


The Highwaykick 1 is the ideal companion for children aged one to five. Because of its stability this product gives the little ones the opportunity to move safely and comfortably. The patented -safety pad- offers extra security.     VIDEO

Stability. secure hold even for the smallest kids.

Safety. proven materials.

Balance. comfortable and wide seat. 


3,850 ฿





Bodyheight:82-118cm / 32-46"

max. Tragkraft:20kg / 44lbs am Sitz & 50kg / 110lbs auf Trittfläche

Seat Height:22,5-29cm / 8-11"

Handlebar Height:57-64cm / 22-25"

Wheels:2*120mm / 4,7“ PU front; 80mm / 3,2“ PU rear

Weight:2,8kg / 6,2lbs

Name : Scoot and Ride HighwayKick 1 scooter - Steel

Brand : Scoot and Ride

Going back into the year 2010 looking for mobility concepts driven by user needs, a team of Austrian designers came up with the first sketch to convert a kids scooter into a balance bike. Plenty of prototypes and two years of test and design development shaped the first born Highwayfreak. A product which was no longer able to be called a scooter. It was the birth of the ScooterBike. 2012 the company was officially founded under the name Scoot & Ride - Scoot of Scooter & Ride of Ride On Toys - in the small town in Upper Austria and step by step the ScooterBike range has been extended to its target group.

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