Mideer superman jack | Mideer

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6 - 12 years


Funny, easy to operate, grab the rubber cord, grab the end of the central spine and pull it back, then release it easily forward. Fun stretch setting, specially designed for children, easy to carry. Exercise your muscles and balance your limbs. Exercise your hand size and muscle strength during the pull.


150 ฿



Exercise in play, experience the unplugged life, go outside to breathe the fresh air, to chase the flying kite. Multiplayer interaction, fun upgrades, quality options for outdoor activities, fun toys for spring outing, camping, picnics.Various styles, original hand-painted design to add a touch of color for children's childhood, portable kite to children's better play experience. The back is made of fiberglass and steel skeleton, which is not easy to be deformed. The material is polyester, which is light and easy to fly and resistant to tearing. The rubber band is wider and thicker. Streamline kite surface, scientific design, small kite surface flat, longer time to stay empty.
size 20*24 cm.

Name : Mideer Superman Jack

Brand : Mideer

MiDeer is an toy brand which has international aesthetic awareness and value, integrates with toys, games, art and education, enjoys the reputation all over the world. Each product can meet the children's powerful and unconstrained style of creative imagination. An endless art design space for children.

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