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1 - 8 years


Family Set (20 Blocks) ** Balls not include

Base – 8 blocks

Builder – 4 blocks

Grass – 5 blocks

Wood – 3 blocks

Kids: 1-3 players / Age: 1-3 yrs

Kids: 1-2 Players / Age: 4-8 yrs

Space: 2m x 2m (Compact space: Home, Condo, Small therapy room)

BASE (Blue) : Base is the main component to create the playground. There are two different surfaces on each side of the BASE; button side and dimple side. Connect these two sides together to build the playground. Magnetic are hidden with black felt at each corner to help secure and align the blocks

BUILDER (Yellow) : Builder helps elevate the height and transform the playground into a fun play-space; stair, mountain. a tunnel, balance rocking boat, etc.

WOOD (Red) : Connected on top of BASE or BUILDER, the bark texture blocks can be crated into a log-like pathway, a rocking boat or a seesaw; helps improve walking and balancing skills which leads to higher level of gross motor development.

GRASS (Green) : Place at the very top of the playground, on BASE or BUILDER, GRASS allows players to explore different textures and mimics outdoor play which enhances tactile sensory development.


21,000 ฿



Name : Blix Pop Family Set


BLIX POP’s philosophy is to deliver fun and happiness through play – designing our toys in a way that allows children, including special needs children, to be able to develop to the fullest in their early years. BLIX POP aims to encourage physical development at the same time as their ability to think creatively and exercise their cognitive thinking skills. Through our team’s in-depth research, our products encourage children to develop their social skills alongside their tactile sensory so that children are able to engage in experiential learning which could lead to more complex development growing.

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