Balance bike big - butterflies | Scratch europe

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3 - 6 years


An easy and fun transition to real cycling, thanks to Scratch’s tough Formula 1 balance bike.  It’s got no pedals and is pushed along by your child’s walking movements. This way, children learn to keep their balance naturally and feel safe on two wheels. Their feet can always touch the ground so they can gain control over the bike at any time. VIDEO


3,790 ฿



BALANCE BIKE large - BUTTERFLIES 83x54x37cm, grow along bike with a reversible frame to make bike suitable for bigger children (3+), with adjustable seat height H29-45cm and restricted steering H52cm, in a box, Age 3+

Name : BALANCE BIKE Big - Butterflies

Brand : Scratch Europe

Scratch is an authentically Belgian, and therefore European, brand. Scratch originally started out on a modest scale at the turn of the century, gathering momentum rapidly in 2012. That’s when Scratch became part of DAM, a leading distributor of designer toys in Western Europe. A close friendship between experienced toy designer Etienne Gilbert and businessman Jan Voorspoels resulted in a completely new Scratch collection. A strong product team went back to the drawing board, starting again from “Scratch”. That intense and fruitful cooperation involving all team members resulted in gorgeous designs which always go hand in hand with safety. Over the years, Scratch evolved into a lifestyle brand using a variety of materials such as wood, cardboard, textiles, metal, and plastics. With the emphasis on innovation, Scratch expresses its style all around the world. This globalization continues unabated. Scratch currently has a presence in over 30 countries, in all corners of the world.

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