Stearns puddle jumper basic | Stearns

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2.5 - 6 years


Keep children safe while playing in and around water with this Stearns Nylon Cancun Puddle Jumper. It features a soft and durable outer shell covered with Crossett flotation foam and is suitable for children that weigh between 30 and 50 lbs.



1,160 ฿




This Stearns puddle jumper also includes antimicrobial protection and has an adjustable strap with a snap closure located on the back for added safety. The non-restrictive, yet functional design stays in place. This gives children freedom of movement without the jacket riding up around their necks. It's ideal for teaching them to swim at the beach, lake or in your pool. This flotation device is U.S. Coast Guard approved and comes in a variety of bright colors for easy visibility with fun character designs on the front.

Name : STEARNS Puddle Jumper BASIC

Brand : Stearns

William P. Hilger started what would become Stearns, Inc. among the lakes and plains of central Minnesota. His first successful product was an electrically powered windshield heater that was a big hit in the colder climates of central Minnesota in the late 1920's, and eventually was a must-have product for cars from California to Maine. The company changed hands after World War II and became Stearns Manufacturing Company. The heating systems in cars had matured to the point where, anymore, the idea of needing a frost shield was old-fashioned. The business then turned towards the future: Plastics.

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