Co-block first play (10pcs) | Co-block

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6 months - 3 years


Co-Block, a combination of ‘CO’ meaning ‘together’ and ‘BLOCK’, is the best educational toy that helps develop creativity, an imagination and social skills.


360 ฿



Co-Block is soft jelly blocks, made with tender and flexible special materials.Its edge is round 

and soft, so it is safe, even though children bite, suck on, throw, step on and lie down on it.

Co-Block, certified as a BPA-free and toxic-free safe toyby domestic and international certificate authorities,can be used safely by infants and toddlers.

Name : Co-Block First Play (10pcs)

Brand : Co-Block

Co-Block is a unique toy all over the world, made with new materials in a new form that children can use their imagination with. This advanced block is not made with solid materials, but made with soft special materials. Co-Block was specially created for infants and toddlers who satisfy their needs by biting and sucking on pacifiers.

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