Leo’s shopkeeper market stall | Djeco

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4 - 8 years


A market stall that sells fruit and veg, with it's own cash register and shopping bag! Would you like to buy some tomatoes today mum? Children will go over what they've seen and done throughout their day and they'll play it out in many different ways.  


3,590 ฿



The set comes with the stall and a lovely awning, a cash register, a shopping bag, two baskets full of fruit and veg, six of each. And a blackboard to write the daily specials on! Stall Size: W39 x D22 x H44cm

Name : Leo’s shopkeeper Market Stall

Brand : Djeco

Djeco is a french toys' brand like no other, with a singular universe and quality products. So when Djeco decides to create a decoration brand for kids, it leads to something colorful and poetic. To accompany the development of the Little Big Room by Djeco brand, Merci-Michel has developed an immersive and fun online catalog. The user can browse through 15 dedicated universes and more than 200 references, thanks to a navigation menu made of original illustrations and a multi criteria search engine.

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