Tales parade puzzle 104 pcs | Mideer

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3 - 7 years


This puzzle has 104 pieces – made of quality cardboard, packaged and stored in a fun design suitcase.

The product is made from eco-friendly recycled paper.

It is designed to promote independent play, which is a great self-esteem booster, or to be built with other children, helping to develop social and collaborative skills.

The intricacy of the puzzle picture encourages children to persevere and maintain focus to complete the task.

They will get a wonderful sense of achievement when the puzzle is complete.

Inspires creativity and imagination, exercises hand-eye coordination & color perception ability.

Can be easily stored into the carrying case, so you never need to worry about pieces being lost or damaged.


560 ฿




Name : Tales Parade Puzzle 104 pcs

Brand : Mideer

MiDeer is an toy brand which has international aesthetic awareness and value, integrates with toys, games, art and education, enjoys the reputation all over the world. Each product can meet the children's powerful and unconstrained style of creative imagination. An endless art design space for children.

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