Giant dominoes | Eeboo

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5 - 10 years


Super-size silvery holographic foil dominoes give a classic game a shiny new look. Bigger than standard dominoes with traditional dots to match up, these are chunky enough for little hands to pick up and easy to see at a glance. Twenty-eight jumbo dominoes with a metallic look are perfect for building matching skills and quick recognition of sets. A basic game for your early grade child. 5 and up.


990 ฿




Box: 21.5 x 4.5 x 11.5 cm.

28 Foil & Embossed Pieces

Actual size 10*5 cm

Name : Giant Dominoes

Brand : eeboo

eeBoo is the American toy industry’s quintessential woman-owned specialty brand bringing together people of all ages through thoughtfully designed games, toys & gifts.

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