Mideer wandering through the space puzzle 150 pcs | Mideer

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5 - 99 years


Have fun learning the solar system with this beautifully illustrated puzzle!


590 ฿




150 Pcs Puzzle

2.5 mm thickness puzzle

Gift Pack Design

Easy Storage

50 + Space Element

Recognize our Planet

From Earth to Solar System

Puzzle Size: 52.8 * 52.8 cm

Suitable Age: 5 Years & Above

Name : Mideer Wandering Through The Space Puzzle 150 Pcs

Brand : Mideer

MiDeer is an toy brand which has international aesthetic awareness and value, integrates with toys, games, art and education, enjoys the reputation all over the world. Each product can meet the children's powerful and unconstrained style of creative imagination. An endless art design space for children.

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