Floaty fight | Haba

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5 - 99 years


-Perfect for car, boat, airplane, train and bus travel-Magnetic parts hold firm to the stable metal tin-Comprehensive material for playtime pleasure



990 ฿



Short game instructions: • Both players secretly distribute the 5 floaty tiles over the left-hand swimming pool on their game board according to the laying rules. • The players take turns to name a square (color of the umbrella + number of the starting block) and try to find the other player’s floaties. • The other player has to answer whether or not there is a (part of a) floaty in the square: With the pen, hits are marked as an X on the small swimming pool, non-hits are marked as a circle. • A player must announce when one of their floaties has been completely discovered and remove the tile from the game board. • The game ends as soon as a player has discovered all of the other player’s floaties thus winning the game. Game instructions language: Dutch Spanish English Italian French German Illustrators: Sandra Kretzmann Game type: travel game Warnings: Warning. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts. Choking risk. Height: 3 cm Width: 16 cm Length: 24 cm Game duration from: 10 min Number of players from: 2 persons Age to: 99 years Age from: 5 years


Name : Floaty Fight

Brand : Haba

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