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5 - 99 years


In the area of the park where people come to exercise their dogs, the owners are desperately looking for their pets and urgently need help. The players have to look closely to find out which hindquarters go with which dog. Then they need to act quickly. But be careful as some dogs look confusingly similar! The player who finds the most matching dogs wins.



550 ฿






25 cards with dog portraits, 25 cards showing canine hind quarters, 4 wooden bones, 1 set of instructions.

Short game instructions:

• Have the cards with the paw prints on the reverse ready as a face-down deck. Arrange the remaining cards with the canine hind quarters facing upwards in a 5x5 grid. Each player receives a bone.

• Turn over the top card of the deck. Everyone looks for the matching canine hind quarters at the same time.

• The first player to place their bone on the correct card in the grid gets the card from the deck. Check the result: If no one is correct, the card with the dog you are looking for is placed back under the deck face-down.

• Take back the bones and turn all the grid cards back over so that only canine hind quarters can be seen.

• Play is continued until the deck of cards has been used up. The player who collects the most cards wins.

Name : Polly Poodle

Brand : Haba

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