Geistesblitz junior | Zoch gmbh

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4 - 8 years


With Geistesblitz Junior, now children as young as four years old can play this quick-reaction game, grabbing the right object at the right time.

In this game, piglet, frog, ghost, and chick wait in the middle of the table. The cards show three of them in different colors. The objective is to grab whatever comes up in its original color. For children 6 years and up, the ghost occasionally appears in a dark nightgown.
When this happen, keep your hands off all the figures!



890 ฿




Name : Geistesblitz Junior

Brand : Zoch GmbH

Zoch is an author's company that convinces with creative and original game ideas at the highest level. Additionally, Zoch is known for unusual designs and beautiful haptic game components. The product line includes multiple-award-winning games for young and old. Children and families alike appreciate the cherished assortment of easy-to-grasp card games, dice games, and bring-along games as well as the strong segment of entertaining board games that excites both occasional and frequent players.

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