Asteroid escape | Smart games

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8 - 12 years


SmartGames Asteroid Escape is a 3D sliding puzzle game where players are challenged to manipulate the playing pieces around the board in order to create an escape route for their spaceship.


950 ฿




It features 60 challenges, starting with simple solutions and progressing to challenges requiring dozens of moves to solve. Asteroid Escape features a portable, travel-friendly case, making it great for on-the-go fun.

What's more? As you'll see below, solving SmartGames challenges helps build cognitive skills. 

With Asteroid Escape you'll focus on Planning, Visual Perception and Problem-Solving Skills.

Name : Asteroid Escape

Brand : Smart Games

Play SmartGames anywhere, anytime, no opponent needed. Although SmartGames are designed to play alone, it’s also great fun to solve our brain-teasing challenges together.

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