Fire! fire! fire fighters | Haba

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5 - 99 years


Alarm, Alarm! In Firecreek, Bill Butcher’s favorite sausage is in flames. It’s time for Fred Fire chief and his four firefighters to get moving. Unfortunately, two of the firefighters overslept…but there’s no time to lose. The firefighter who puts out the most fires, collecting cards to build the longest street wins the game and is the best firefighter in the city. Video


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Contents: - 4 fire trucks - 4 beacons - 4 firefighting crews - 10 slow burner cards - 16 site cards - 10 operation cards (printed on both sides, for beginners and for advanced) - 1 set of game instructions.

Download: English

Dimension : 375 x 274 x 58 cm
Name : Fire! Fire! Fire Fighters

Brand : Haba

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