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5 - 99 years


Assemble your farm and do with lots of educational activities! An original kit with over 100 high-quality components to play using your imagination and learn lots of new things! You’ll discover animals, shapes, colours and more: you’ll develop logical thinking, dexterity, and memory!


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DescriptionThe kit comes with an instruction booklet. - 1+ player - 50 games for younger kids - Lots of creative compositions - Lots of educational games - Over 100 games elements - Bingo and memory games - Race games - Self-correcting puzzles - Develop your creativity and imagination - Learn lots of new things - High-quality materials - Original illustrations - Instruction booklet


Brand : Ludattica

Ludattica offers a wide variety of educational and table toys, for all tastes. Are you looking for a puzzle? Try different models of 3 games, for younger children, or giant puzzles, ideal for entertaining for a long time. Do you prefer a puzzle? Do not miss the Ludattica fittings, illustrated with animals or dinosaurs. Memory games, letter games or company board games also complete the brand's catalog. Discover the best options of Ludattica in Eurekakids.

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