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5 - 99 years


The park designer is building a new amusement park. But what's that? You have competition building their own amusement parks next door. Good planning is half the battle!  VIDEO


750 ฿




With the right mix of risk-taking and luck rolling the dice who will manage to perfectly place the attractions and complete their construction site first (with no gaps) and be the first to open their park to the happy customers! Contents: 4 construction sites, 48 attraction tiles (in six different shapes), 5 dice, 1 sticker sheet, 1 set of instructions. Number of players 2 - 4 persons Game duration from 10 min

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Name : Tiny Park

Brand : Haba

We are a wood manufacturing company known for our high-quality baby and children's toys, as well as our children's games and furniture. We view ourselves as a "single source supplier" for children. We are expanding our product portfolio beyond wood products using the same high quality standards for which we are known. Thus, HABA also offers jewelry, porcelain dishes and textiles, for example. HABA products may be found in well-stocked toy stores around the globe.

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