Méchanlou card game | Djeco

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4 - 12 years


Mechanlou is a fun family card game devised by Djeco, featuring the characters of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.


550 ฿



It is a game of strategy, with the player who manages to collect all 6 story cards which tells the story, having avoiding the Mr Wolf card becoming the winner. To escape the wolf card you have to choose a 'forest' card and turn it over: if it is a 'hunter' card the wolf is killed and the card is kept and if it is a wolf the card it lost.

2-4 players
Pack contains 34 cards
Game duration: approx 15 mins
Full instructions in 10 different languages

Name : Méchanlou Card Game

Brand : Djeco

Djeco is a french toys' brand like no other, with a singular universe and quality products. So when Djeco decides to create a decoration brand for kids, it leads to something colorful and poetic. To accompany the development of the Little Big Room by Djeco brand, Merci-Michel has developed an immersive and fun online catalog. The user can browse through 15 dedicated universes and more than 200 references, thanks to a navigation menu made of original illustrations and a multi criteria search engine.

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