Nimble fingers | Buki

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5 - 9 years


A game of observation, logic, and dexterity that challenges you to recreate the pattern on the cards as quickly as possible!
By sliding the beads around with your fingers, copy the pattern on the card – either by yourself or against an opponent – as quickly as possible and without making any mistakes. VIDEO


290 ฿  -41% 490 ฿




Item Weight : 200 g 

Main Language(s) : English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian 

Number of Game Players : 1-2

Name : Nimble Fingers

Brand : Buki

Buki France was founded in 1992, and is today a key player in the toy industry. Our mission is to offer educational and creative toys for children all over the world. We invent, design, develop and test more than twenty products every year at our French offices, in Le Mans.

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