Bangkok kwartet card game | Noox

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5 - 99 years


Traditional Dutch Game


590 ฿



Traditional Dutch Game

Name : Bangkok Kwartet Card Game

Brand : NOOX

NOOX Designs and manufactures products that stand out because of their colourful and playful designs. fabric playmats, soft toys and decorative cushions to play with or to cheer up your interior, but also key chains, post cards, greeting cards, notebooks and kwartet games: we have it all. and hopefully there will be much more to come soon! the designs let kids experience city life and simply have fun while racing through the streets. they might learn how to show their friends the way on a road map, or just be inspired to look around and see all crazy and funny things around us. noox products are great for gifting or as souvenirs! all our fabric products are printed with child safe ink on canvas linen and handmade with a lot of love in indonesia.

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