Mini sciences chemistry | Buki

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4 - 8 years


Discover chemistry and mixtures with child-friendly accessories and 10 experiments explained step by step.

Contains: weighing scales, test tubes, beakers, and a pipette.

A booklet for parents enables them to help their children.

Illustrated instructions and experiment sheets.

Age : 4+

Box dimensions: 30 x 10.80 x 30 cm


890 ฿



VISUAL LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Explore scientific concepts with your child with hands-on experiments.INCLUDES TOOLS FOR 10 LESSONS. Teach children about states of water, density, and volume. FOR GIRLS AND BOYS 4 TO 8. Gives young kids a memorable introduction to science.KID-FRIENDLY MATERIALS. Colorful, rounded tools are designed to fit small hands.USES EASILY ACCESSIBLE CHEMICALS. Ingredients not included, but easily found in most kitchens.FULL-COLOR INSTRUCTIONS. Step by step diagrams with fun facts connecting the experiments with simple scientific concepts.

Name : Mini Sciences Chemistry

Brand : Buki

Buki France was founded in 1992, and is today a key player in the toy industry. Our mission is to offer educational and creative toys for children all over the world. We invent, design, develop and test more than twenty products every year at our French offices, in Le Mans.

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