Sound matching cubes | Masterkidz

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1 - 6 years


4 pairs of cubes making 4 different sounds when shaked.  Kids are encouraged to match the cubes through sound matching.  Kids can also place different objects into the empty cube to experience different sounds during shaking.  A perfect educational toy to help develop sense of hearing and concentration.


2,390 ฿




SIZE(cm)        :        L:28.00    W:28.00    H:6.00

        (inch)        :        L:11.0    W:11.0    H:2.4

Name : Sound Matching Cubes

Brand : Masterkidz

Masterkidz Toys is committed to providing kids with quality wooden toys that are ethically sourced, educational, durable and safe! We believe all kids should be provided with age-appropriate and rewarding playthings during their childhood. After all, this is a vital chapter in life when learning and enjoying creative and imaginative play is so important. We believe in “Skinship”, where children learn through imaginative play and interaction with family and friends with the least interference from screens. With this at the forefront of our design, we manufacture the finest kid-powered, screen-free wooden toys every family can enjoy. Over the years, Masterkidz has evolved into an internationally well-respected brand for premium wooden toys. We are steadfast in our commitment to provide high-quality toys full of playfulness and educational value.

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