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8 - 99 years


Cube-Tastic uses 3D Augmented Reality technology and a free app to teach you how to solve the cube in under 60 seconds! Cube-Tastic develops hand-eye coordination, concentration, memory, focus, and logic skills. BPA free, smooth movement, and rounded corners make Cube-Tastic fun and safe for both children and adults. Countless possible combinations provide endless play. A free companion app is available for both iOS and Android devices.


790 ฿




Scan. Learn. Solve. Comes with FREE app for both iOS and Android Uses AR technology to offer step-by-step tutorials to solving the cube Countless combinations exercise the hands and brain BPA free Fun and safe for all ages

Name : Puzzle Cube

Brand : Cube Tastic

It’s time to master the cube with Cube-tastic! Our 3D puzzle cube pairs with our Augmented Reality app to teach you step-by-step how to solve the cube. Then, as your skills improve, you’ll be challenged to solve the puzzle faster and better each time! This modern cube throws back to the brain-boosting puzzle of years past, en-hanced with cutting-edge technology. Scan, learn, solve — it’s Cube-tastic!

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