Amazing world atlas | Lonely planet kids

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8 - 12 years


This is the Amazing World Atlas you’ve been waiting for – look inside and see what an awesome, cool and quirky world we live in. Get ready to take a trip around the world you’ll never forget.


790 ฿



You’ll find a lot more than just maps: it’s a mind-blowing mix of history, culture and fascinating facts.

Find out what it’s like to be a kid in different countries
See which celebrities come from where
Try out our fiendish quizzes

Dimensions: 23 cm x 30.5cm
160 pages, 20 maps

Name : Amazing World Atlas

Brand : Lonely planet Kids

Lonely Planet Kids aims to kick-start the travel bug and open kids’ eyes and minds to the world around them. Our focus is on showcasing the quirky facts, amusing tales and inspiring stories that bring our planet to life. Through Lonely Planet Kids, we hope to share our love of travel, our sense of humour and our continual fascination with what makes the world the diverse and magnificent place it is. Join us – it’s an adventure that will never end!

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