Deluxe market day set | Our generation

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3 - 99 years


Product Details:
- 43-piece Farmer's Market Accessory set for 18-inch dolls- Includes market stall, chalkboard, fruits veggies, play money, and more!- Compatible with most 18-inch dolls- Suggested for Age 3+ (small parts)- No batteries requiredThe dolls pictured are Everly, Suyin, and Rowan.Dolls and outfits sold separately


4,450 ฿



- 1 vegetable stand- 1 bundle of carrots- 1 bundle of beets- 1 apple basket- 1 raspberry basket- 3 red peppers- 3 yellow peppers- 2 oranges- 6 tomatoes- 2 pears- 2 heads of lettuce- 3 lemons- 1 pie with 1 removable piece- 1 pie box- 2 vegetable boxes- 1 wicker basket- 1 fruit basket- 1 scale- 1 chalk board- 1 piece of chalk- 1 petty cash box- 3 coins and 3 paper bills

Name : Deluxe Market Day Set

Brand : Our Generation

This generation has girls with different personalities. Some girls love sports, others love science, some enjoy arts, crafts and fashion. Some girls prefer to stay inside and bake whilst others love exploring and spending time outside. Our generation dolls represent this generation of girls, girls who have different interests but are still growing up together and being friends with those who have different stories to tell. Import from UK.

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