So'pure bandana | Vulli

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6 months - 2 years


With a chewable part, made from 100% natural rubber. Made from 100% organic textile, it limits allergic risks. Fixed around Baby’s neck, the bandana enables to protect Baby and his clothes from saliva. Smart, it has a rubber part to chew, so Baby can be relief when teething. It is light and easy to tie. The triangular shape enables Baby to keep his mobility wit-hout being disturbed by a bib. With Velcro ties, it easily adapts to Baby’s neck. With an embroidered side and a pattern side.


895 ฿




Dimension : 255 x 45 x 270 cm
Name : So'Pure Bandana

Brand : Vulli

As specialist in the world of baby care and early learning toys, Vulli’s goal is to provide the best response to children and parents in terms of awakening and games. We thus created an entire awakening and baby care product line around this objective. Our leading toys are now present in over 70 countries, through the constant involvement of all employees working in our factory in Rumilly. We strive to provide worldwide consumers the highest level of safety: all our toys respect the international regulations.

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