Magic wand | Tinti

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3 - 12 years


Abracadabra…and the water
is a lovely bright colour VIDEO


445 ฿




Whether you're a little witch or a novice magician -
when you magically change the colour
of your bathwater with your Tinti magic wand,
everyone will be totally amazed.

Nobody will know that you filled it up with
the magic bathwater colour beforehand!

- Does not stain the skin or the bath tub
- With natural colours and food colouring
- Preservative free
- Very good skin tolerance
- Gluten-fre

Name : Magic Wand

Brand : Tinti

Children can have a special experience with Tinti as Tinti turns washing, bathing and showering into a real pleasure. The trick is quite simple here: Tinti brings colour, play and fun into the water! And whilst Tinti provides fun for the children, parents should know that the products are harmless to children's delicate skin, contain no preservatives and do not discolour the skin or bath tub.

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