Graffy pop mask - carnival | Avenue mandarine

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4 - 8 years


Great for parties and leisure craft activities. The masks can be colored with pencils, felt pens or paint and then cut out. Presented as a book, each page can be torn out for individual use. Stimulate creativity, imagination and fine motor skill.


390 ฿




Each book includes 24 pages - 10 different designs of mask repeated 2 times + 4 pages where you can draw your own masks. Printed on sturdy 250g paper.

Name : Graffy Pop Mask - Carnival

Brand : Avenue Mandarine

Avenue Mandarine is a new brand of educational fun activity kits and games with stylish but simple designs and well-thought-out contents. For children from 2 years old…and their parents! Avenue Mandarine, a fresh name, an invitation to travel and imagination. Avenue Mandarine evokes the notion of a new idea or route to be followed – the mandarin is a fruit with many segments to be shared – the collection Avenue Manadarine offers many different opportunities for childhood activity and having fun for all abilities and ages.

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