Decal transferred stickers | Avenue mandarine

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5 - 10 years


Decal stickers with many themes that children love. Simply cut the picture you want and use your pencil to transfer it to create your art piece. Great to put on cards, notebooks and albums. Ink is washable with water.



120 ฿



Each pack includes 2 boards of approximately 20 transfers per pack.
Dimension: 22.5 x 11.5 cm

Name : Decal Transferred Stickers

Brand : Avenue Mandarine

Avenue Mandarine is a new brand of educational fun activity kits and games with stylish but simple designs and well-thought-out contents. For children from 2 years old…and their parents! Avenue Mandarine, a fresh name, an invitation to travel and imagination. Avenue Mandarine evokes the notion of a new idea or route to be followed – the mandarin is a fruit with many segments to be shared – the collection Avenue Manadarine offers many different opportunities for childhood activity and having fun for all abilities and ages.

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