Icicolor 6 colors | Aozora

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18 months - 8 years


Aozora icicolor 6-color stone-shaped crayons are suitable for children aged 18 months and over. They can be changed the shape and angle according to children creativity. Imported from Japan, these non-toxic crayons let children draw lines and paint freely with full and solid colors. They are made of safe materials - durable and not easy to break


640 ฿




- Certified by the Art & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI) from USA. The stone-shape is designed for children to hold easily. It also helps to develop skills and practice the use of eyes and hands together - Guaranteed by the Parenting Award MONO (products) in 2015. Icicolor is used to play around with children in various ways under the supervision of Associate Professor Naoyuki Ishiga of Tokyo Soke University.

Name : icicolor 6 Colors

Brand : Aozora

Aozora from Japan manufactures crayons for young children. Fully washable crayons for extra hygiene. Easy to hold for little hands. Keeps hands clean. Non-toxic.

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