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3 - 8 years


Explode into out-of-this-world fun and release Meteor Monsters, tentacled toys that tear through Mad Mattr to whip their tendriled appendages at you. Each meteor contains one of eight collectible monsters and a packet of Mad Mattr, a never-drying play doh that feels like it’s from a different planet. Bunch up your tentacled monster, wrap it up in a ball of Mad Mattr, and pack it into the back of the lower meteor section. Then smack the meteor on your tabletop to release the blob and watch the monster tear through the Mad Mattr and escape!


495 ฿




2-in-1 blind pack with a chance to collect 8 monsters and 6 colors of Mad Mattr. Releasing the monster is easy as 1, 2, 3. Fill, twist, top off, smash and lift! Watch the monsters break out over and over. Challenge your friends and family! Includes 2oz mystery color of genuine Mad Mattr, a super-soft dough compound. Mad Mattr never dries out, is non-toxic, and wheat, gluten, and casein free. Features & specs Collectible toys encased in pliable play dough and a shell Includes 1 collectible toy, 2 oz (56.7 g) of Mad Mattr, a two-piece plastic meteor mold, and instructions Collect all eight monsters including 1 rare and 1 ultra-rare species Fold the monster up, encase it in Mad Mattr, set it in the bottom of the meteor shell, and smash it on the table to get the monster to explode from the Mad Mattr!

Name : Mad Mattr Meteor Monsters

Brand : Mad Mattr

We come so far from Sweden. We're proud to offer Thai kids at all ages the unbelievable building compound that will... • Never Dries Out • Easy to Clean • Available in 6 vibrant colors • Wheat, gluten, and casein free • Stain-free

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