Mad mattr dual extruders purple | Mad mattr

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3 - 99 years


A Great Way to Learn about 3D Shapes!
Our NEW colorful Mini Extruders give minds of all ages a fun way to build and learn with geometric shapes by creating and building cool, colorful, threedimensional shapes and structures with Mad Mattr®. 


395 ฿




Create & Build Fun Pack content:
1 x color 56 g Mad Mattr®,
2 x extruders.
Age: 3-99

Name : Mad Mattr Dual Extruders Purple

Brand : Mad Mattr

We come so far from Sweden. We're proud to offer Thai kids at all ages the unbelievable building compound that will... • Never Dries Out • Easy to Clean • Available in 6 vibrant colors • Wheat, gluten, and casein free • Stain-free

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