Master builder mini extruder set | Mad mattr

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3 - 99 years


The Ultimate Brick Makers give kids of all ages a new way to create and build with the award-winning Mad Mattr compound. Children and adults alike can now make their own buildable, stackable bricks and use them to build their own custom constructed brick creations. VIDEO


1,095 ฿




Set of six fun extrusion tools to let you mold 3D shapes from your Mad Mattr.  It includes a square (for cubes and box shapes), hexagon, triangle, house shape, circle (great for wheels) and five-pointed star.  And you also get two packs of Mad Mattr to use as well – 5 ounces (140g) each of blue and pink. 

Includes six (6) mini-extruders, safe cutting tool

Name : Master Builder Mini Extruder Set

Brand : Mad Mattr

We come so far from Sweden. We're proud to offer Thai kids at all ages the unbelievable building compound that will... • Never Dries Out • Easy to Clean • Available in 6 vibrant colors • Wheat, gluten, and casein free • Stain-free

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