Make paper lantern animals | Klutz

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8 - 15 years


This book and craft set comes with enough lanterns and paper to make 6 distinct and colorful paper lanterns. And the book has 21 awesome design inspirations to get you started! There's walruses, flamingos, foxes, toucans, penguins, koalas, owls, pandas, tree frogs, deer, bats, kittens, puppies, mice, and more!

Make the lanterns into a theme, like frozen friends, or choose your favorites from tundra to rainforest! Use the stencils, choose your paper, and make each lantern your own! 



850 ฿



-Make 6 paper lantern animals with patterned paper-Encourages creative expression, interest in decor, cutting and tracing skills-Let out your whimsical decorator!-Choose from 21 designs to make 6 projects-Design animal lanterns, from walruses to whales and lions to "scary" upside-down-hanging bats!-Hang your lanterns indoors when you're done-Can use a battery-operated LED light to illuminate your lantern (do not use candles or hot light bulbs!)-Includes 32 page book of instruction and inspiration, 6 mini paper lanterns, 10 sheets of patterned paper, 4 sheets of tissue paper, 77 paper accents, 4 feet of ribbon, glue, stencils-Items you may need from home: Scissors, pencil, markers, colored pencils, crayonsGlue, bottle, and tissue paper manufactured in Taiwan. 

Name : Make Paper Lantern Animals

Brand : Klutz

Klutz is a premium brand of book-based activity kits, committed to inspiring creativity in every kid. Our unique combination of crystal clear instructions, custom tools and materials and hearty helpings of humor is 100% guaranteed to kick-start creativity.

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