Drawing book 8k | Joan miro

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3 - 15 years


8k white paper, solid white paper Suitable for creating many types of art, not fluffy paper fibers are tough and resistant to folding. Can be stored for a long time without paper turns yellow. Suitable for children up to 3 years old. 20 sheet Length 37.3 cm, width 26 cm


195 ฿





Name : Drawing Book 8K

Brand : Joan Miro

Joan Miro is a top brand derived from Europe, which is the initiator and practicer of APT theory, A is Art. We liberate the freedom of our nature in art. P is play.By playing the games,we find our lives clear and choose the right direction as we grow up. T is Think. By using the imagination, we create mirable fairy tales and make our life more colorful.We believe, in children's eyes, everything in the world can be looked as art (Art), can be treated as games (Play),and can be thought with imagination (Think). They are just like the air,the rain and the sunshine. We can't live without them and they also make our childhood happier and more beautiful.

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