Super color box art kit | Giotto be be

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2 - 6 years


Giotto Be-Be Super Color Box Art Kit for babies 

Product features:

- 12 Super felt-tip pens
- 12 Super coloured pencils
- 2 matching sharpeners
- in a practical storage box

dyes used are harmless to your health
high product safety, even for small children


900 ฿  -53% 1,900 ฿




It's time to draw!!

Unlimited creativity, even for the youngest children. These coloured pencils and felt-tip pens are extra-thick, making them particularly suitable for small children's hands. They also won't cause any problems if they get on your child's clothing or fingers, as the dyes used can be wiped off or washed out easily.

Dyes used are harmless to your health.
High product safety, even for small children.

Dimension : 290 x 185 x 140 cm
Name : Super Color Box Art Kit

Brand : Giotto Be Be

Creativity starts very young, and therefore invented the brand Giotto Giotto be-bè. This brand provides an opportunity for the very young to express themselves and develop their cognitive abilities in total freedom. Giotto Be-bè was developed after extensive research and thorough testing to ensure maximum safety for children under 3 years.

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