My happy family ( chinese-thai ) | Plan for kids

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3 - 99 years


Storybook, rhyming words that will help practice reading skills for children. Help increase vocabulary Along with encouraging children to learn various things around the body, cute illustrations, bright colors 


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Synopsis :The story of the time that is changed every day From morning The sky is bright with the sun, the day when people do a lot of activities until the sun sets, the sky slowly darkens, with only the moonlight and the stars. Is the night that people sleep * In this storybook, children Can learn in two languages Is English and Thai Which translators have chosen words that are easy to understand and repeatedly fit for the ages of the children To help make it easier to remember Without interpreting the word In order to maintain the content of the story Publish a separate second language at the end of the story. To make learning smooth Along with the interesting vocabulary

Name : My Happy Family ( Chinese-Thai )

Brand : Plan For Kids

Plan For Kids Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of quality books and media for children and families. Created to be suitable for the development of learning of children in all 3 ages, ie birth - 3 years, 4 - 6 years and 7 - 12 years

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