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0 - 99 years


Create a wonderfully personalized one-of-a-kind book for your child where he is the protagonist of his/her own story! What will I be is a magical book created especially for your child, where the story changes with each child’s name. Life is a journey of self-discovery and possibilities are endless, so help your child create his own story today! What will I be is a made-to-order book that allows your child to create his own story by selecting and creating up to 100 different alternative story lines.


My Name is   


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Everyone has his own unique talent waiting to be discovered. 

Unleash your imagination and create your own story!

Choose language of your book: Thai, English or Bilingual (Thai-English)

Spell your name to create the main character in the book

Download: Sample Book

Name : What will I be - Your BOY personalized book

Brand : Create your Story

What will I be was inspired by parents who frequently discuss about what their child will grow up to become. They eventually came to the conclusion that it depends on their child and is out of their controlling hands. The most that can be done, as parents, is to show their child the different paths and encourage them to dare to choose their own future. All we can do as parents is to have the faith and courage to support them and to ensure them that whatever they choose to do, they can grow up to be successful and happy.

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