Our Enginou shop is coming!

Enginou team is very excited to announce our first shop opening in November 2014. We are delighted to welcome parents, children, gift-givers…everybody actually! to experience our shop concept, to experiment our selection of quality toys, to laugh and share thoughts, most important of all, to be part of Enginou family.

Let’s have a peek of how the shop will look like…

Why the shop?

A year ago, my husband and I came up with an idea to offer good quality toys to children in Thailand. We have been working hard to search for the best products around the world and to meet customers’ expectation in services we provide. Yes, we face obstacles along the way, sometimes we feel like giving up. But our determination to make it work so that Enginou exists to help parents and kids is what keeps us going forward.

Now we are ready for our next step: to be visible and more accessible for our customers. We would like our shop to be a connecting point. Not just a shop to sell toys, but a place we can exchange our experiences, or simply have a chat and coffee with us.

The shop might be small in size, but we ensure it will have a plenty of choices and excellent services to accommodate our valuable customers.

To be continued with more updates of our shop..

Posted by Enginou
on October 8, 2014 at 21:10

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