Introducing Manja Burton & Hattifant


Loving mom and genius hand-crafter

Manja is the owner of the brand Hattifant. She is also a mom of 2 children. She’s in love and fascinated in education, arts, and handicrafts. She has been dedicating herself for children and toy. Her passions are travelling, experiencing and learning about cultures, and put in and combine what she has experienced into her work pieces for children.



Hattifant is the word that reflects Manja’s and her husband’s philosophy, way of and route in life, the love to their children and family. Hattifant products reflect the path they have lived and will live, the memories and stories in its design. Get to know more about Hattifant at


Stackandala Memory Set



Stackandala Memory helps little kids improve their sorting skill, arts skill, and communication skill. It is also the perfect card and stacking game for everyone. Includes in the set are 24 cards; 12 pairs of colorful animals and flowers discs, packed in a bag which is easy to bring along. With these 24 cards you can have various funs out of it!



- For art lovers, simply color the cards with the permanent markers and see how they turn into the most beautiful masterpiece ever!

- Practice your sorting skill between animal and flower sets. Or play as memory game alone or team up against each other.

- Spend a fun family time by stacking up the cards in as many imaginable shapes as possible.

Stackandala Memory set is 450 Baht and available here


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