Harry potter and the goblet of fire

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8 - 12 years



The magical adventure does not come to an end yet. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire camp brings a fantastic story from book 4 and turn it into a brand new adventure unlike the previous camps. The Tri-Wizard competition is about to begin. The Goblet of Fire challenges wait for all of witches and wizards to conquer. Prepare your mind and prepare your wand to clear the challenging tasks on the land and underwater.

Activity Sneak Peek:

• Tri-Wizard Competition

• Wand Design and Decoration

• Hunting a Dragon Egg 

• Yule Ball

• Mystery Maze, the Road to Goblet of Fire

Knowledge and Skill

1. Practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills with native speakers

1.1 Understand and interpret story, guideline, and instruction 

1.2 Be able to express individual opinions and agreement

1.3 Successfully communicate by speaking and writing methods

2.Hands-on learning with the blend of Science and Mathematics

3. Activities requiring camper to use logical and engineering process to solve problem

Organizer: NANMEEBOOKS Innovation Co., Ltd.

Instructor: Anagram Team

11,500 ฿

Go Genius Learning Center, Go Genius Learning Center Amphoe Pakchong 30320, 30320 Bangkok Thailand


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