Garage with contiloop and elevator | N/a

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3 - 8 ឆ្នាំ


Vroom Vroom! Hours of driving fun with this cheerful Scratch garage! Get the toy cars to go from the top to the bottom - they go round the bends themselves! Then take them back up to the top in the lift by turning the handle. At the bottom, you can refuel them. There are various options for connecting train tracks or car lanes to the garage. 5 plastic ramps are supplied.



$ 98.00




Included are the 2 wooden toy cars, a wooden helicopter, and 3 detachable wooden fuel pumps. Unique Scratch design with funny and colorful drawings. The garage is made of wood with plastic elements, giving the garage a very modern and playful look. This garage will cheer up the games room no end!With four levels of parking, gas pumps and a rooftop landing pad, busy drivers will be coming and going in every direction.

ឈ្មោះ : GARAGE with contiloop and elevator

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