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This beautiful 3 layer puzzle shows the 3 levels of a home of a family of rabbits. Just take away the peices to see the next level of the puzzle then place them back on to re-create their home! Encourage story-telling and imaginative play.


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A three-layered puzzle with three rabbit characters to build.

Made of wood. Presented in pretty coloured boxe for easy storage and make a perfect gift for little ones.

Size: 25 x 25 x 1.6 cm

ឈ្មោះ : 3 layers puzzles Rabbit Cottage

ម៉ាក : Djeco

In the Djeco family, honour goes to the mother, Véronique Michel-Dalès. She created her small company in 1954, a time when few women embarked on adventures of this kind. She devised educational games such as Le loto des quatre jeudis and Ma maison des puces. Djeco’s games are attractive, intelligent and fun at the same time. They have been hugely successful and won four Oscars for toys in the 1960s. The company name is a reference to the gecko, the lucky lizard. The family business was put to bed for a while as Frédéric grew up... In 1989 the young man decided to reawaken the company and make the family business his playground. He set up his offices in the former warehouse. In the beginning, he visited the four corners of the earth, importing toys that did not yet exist in France, and his global vision still pervades the little French company.He then began to dream of toys that were not on the market. All that remained... was to create them! In 1997, gifted with artistic skill uncommon in the world of toys, he devised a collection of educational toys. Wooden and cardboard jigsaws, and wooden toys, to begin with, then the range widened to include card and board games. In 2007, original craft kits revolutionised creative pastimes. 2011 saw the arrival of inimitable figurines known as ‘Arty Toys’. Since then, completely new collections have appeared regularly, designed with artistry that promotes drawing, design, and aesthetics. France had entered a new era in games.