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With Mia you will experience new exciting adventures in LEGO® Friends Mia's bedroom.Mia's adventurous character fits perfectly with this set which consists of a tree house with stairs, including a small house for her rabbit, a skateboard and a slope to try out new tricks, even more sports equipment, rabbit sweets and a walkie-talkie to keep in touch with her girlfriends. Includes a mini doll and a rabbit figure.Set is built on a green, heart-shaped building board.Mini doll: Mia and a figurine of Twister the rabbit.Accessories: a skateboard, a paddle, a walkie-talkie, a carrot and a basket.Mia's bedroom is approx. 9 cm high, 9 cm wide and 9 cm deep.This set is ideal to combine with Stephanie's bedroom (product No. 41328) and Olivia's luxury bedroom (product No. 41329) to discover even more LEGO® Friends bedroom interiors and to collect all heart-shaped building boards.


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