Jumbo colored pencils x 6 | Giotto be be

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2 - 5 ឆ្នាំ


For little kids with big ideas. The gigantic 7mm pencils allow children to draw and color in complete freedom and total safety. Includes a sharpener.


$ 12.00





These bright, soft colours are easy to wash and sharpen thanks to the special sharpener included in each pack.

ទំហំប្រអប់ : 130 x 170 x 20 cm
ឈ្មោះ : Jumbo colored Pencils x 6

ម៉ាក : Giotto Be Be

"Training the mind" Creativity starts very young, and therefore invented the brand Giotto Giotto be-bè. This brand provides an opportunity for the very young to express themselves and develop their cognitive abilities in total freedom. Creativity! If creativity is ageless, Giotto knows that at every moment of life needs are different and that these young designers need more attention. Giotto Be-bè was developed after extensive research and thorough testing to ensure maximum safety for children under 3 years. So the children are free to create without limits and parents are reassured. All of Giotto Be-bè products are safe, safe, ultra washable, dermatologically tested, not removable, easy to handle parties. Giotto Be-bè gives young children access to creativity, games, a playful world thanks to the friendly sheep, symbol of the product line.