Sew your own unicorn cake pillow | Klutz

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8 - 12 ឆ្នាំ


Everyone's favorite mythical creature joins forces with everyone's favorite dessert in this magical kit! With crystal-clear instructions, you'll learn how to sew a soft and sparkly decorative pillow that looks good enough to eat using techniques like whip stitching, basting, and gathering. With plush faux fur, metallic gold lame, iridescent pom-poms, and pre-cut felt pieces, you'll have tons of options to decorate your cake. Add a rainbow mane, a flower crown, rock Star fringe, wings Or adorable Meringue dollops and then display your showstopper on the candy-colored cake stand.  



$ 30.00




Comes with a 32-page book of crystal clear instructions

A fuzzy unicorn with a sweet treat for ultimate cuteness

Customizable decorations scale to match different skill levels

All fabric is pre-cut - no need to trace patterns!

ឈ្មោះ : Sew your Own Unicorn Cake Pillow

ម៉ាក : Klutz

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